16 May 2006

This Is What's Known As The Seven Year Kryptonian Itch...

After months of staring at the magenta "S" and contemplating "when?"--we can final behold the official "Superman Returns" North American one-sheet, and I must say, I like it. Not sure if it'll go up on the wall of the rumpus room yet--I'll wait until after June 30th. I'm sure most of us would've preferred an Alex Ross portrait, but this comp retains the mythic vibe of the teaser trailer and isn't too heavy on the Photoshop soft-edge brush like most other posters are these days.

For those of you have forgotten what a proper superhero movie poster is supposed to look like, here's a reminder of that I consider the best: 1978's "Superman: The Movie", as rendered by the late, great Bob Peak.