26 May 2006

Do Androids Dream Of Blu-Ray Or HD?

Fans of Ridley Scott's classic cybernoir "Bladerunner" have been waiting for this announcement for a long time now (roughly five times the life span of your basic Tyrell Corp. replicant): Cinematical reports that the official "director's cut" is finally on the way and will hit the rain-slicked streets this September. It'll be accompanied by a theatrical release and the inevitable boxed-set blowout so you might as well scrap that cheapo Warner disc this weekend--it's the bogus "director's cut", after all, and I'm not alone in preferring the original, albeit flawed, 1982 theatrical version (bet some of you are glad you kept your Criterion laserdisc...).

Dream of DVDs, basic pleasure models, and unicorns here. And here are two (1, 2) gorgeous montages from Drew Struzan (who should be hired to provide the packaging art...)