01 May 2006

"The Karma In Winnipeg Is So Thick, You Need An Aqualung To Breathe"

Wow, today I came across a valid reason why I'd actually consider moving out west (besides the oil riches and the elfin charm of smiling Ralph Klein)--turns out Winnipeg is home to some very cool folks, who recently gathered to celebrate one of my favorite Brian DePalma films, the Faustian rock opera "The Phantom Of The Paradise", which I've pretty much spent most of my life defending. When "Phantom" was released in Winnipeg back in 1974, it became an immediate hit, and played for an astounding 62-week run.

Last weekend, the city hosted the second annual--and, regrettably, the last--"Phantompalooza" celebration. In attendance were"Swan" himself, the long MIA Paul Williams, along with his equally elusive costars William Finley ("The Phantom/Winslow Leach"), Jessica Harper ("Phoenix"--why didn't she have a musical career with those pipes?), and Gerrit Graham ("Beef"). Houseband "The Juicy Fruits" performed--who must've opened with "Goodbye, Eddie, Goodbye" or I would have read of riots.

Check out the official site to see what fun you missed, and Canoe's full story here.