01 May 2006

"Loving You Is My Job, Larry"

He said season 5 would be his last, and he came this close to killing himself off in the last episode, but Larry David seems to have had a change of heart (yes, he has a heart) and reportedly is busy writing away for a possible (but not confirmed) sixth season of "Curb Your Enthusiasm". The source: only costar Jeff Garlin, who leaked the news during a Q&A at this past weekend's Tribeca Film Festival. Read the real deal about the event here (and a big round o' thanks to Ain't It Cool News for the scoop).

And since you were nice enough to stop by my site, here's a link to the "Curb" theme song--"Ein Swei March", by Renato Rascel.

And here's Larry David as a "South Park" character...(I'm done now...)