03 May 2006

At Least It'll Take The Heat Off Of Rockstar Games...

"100 Bullets", the consistently-brilliant monthly comic written by Brian Azarello and illustrated by Eduardo Risso (I've never missed an issue, why haven't you?), will come to three-dimensional/interactive life in mid-2007. D3Publisher of America and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment will release videogames based upon Vertigo Comics crime series, for the console, handheld, and PC games platforms. Expect many politicians and hysterical housewives to have a conniption...

"100 Bullets has all the elements necessary to translate exceptionally well into video games," says Careen Yapp, VP of licensing and business development of D3PA. "Taking the thrilling story elements and incredible action from the comic series and incorporating explosive gameplay will make an exciting game for fans and gamers," said Scott Johnson, VP of business development for Warner Interactive Entertainment.

What Yapp and Johnson are trying to say is that "100 Bullets" is all about the never-dull subject and oh-so-game-friendly concept of revenge, and the bullet ballets that ensue. The setup of each "100 Bullets" arc is simple: when someone has been wronged in some (usually extreme) way, the mysterious Agent Graves appears and and offers him/her an attache case containing the identity of the person who ruined their life, irrefutable evidence of their injustice, a handgun, and yes, 100 untraceable bullets. The candidates are neither rewarded nor punished for taking up the offer, and receive nothing more than closure for their actions. Readers are rewarded with Azarello's witty and poetically-profane dialogue, outrageously operatic plots, and Risso's astonishing layouts.

Some of you may remember an earlier attempt to release a "100 Bullets" videogame, back in 2004, when the now-defunct Acclaim Entertainment had rights to the title. Before the company went bankrupt, a promising trailer and some juicy game screens were released--you can check them out here while they last.

The latest "100 Bullets" collection--"Strychnine Lives"--has just been released.