04 May 2006

Thanks George...


..I know you're busy n' all, working on that "Star Wars" 300 episode syndicated series and all those avant-garde experimental films you've been talking about since 1972 before a certain space opera saga "got in the way" of your career plans (what was it John Lennon said: "Luke happens when you're busy making other plans"...?). But I think I can speak for all aging fans of your original trilogy--those of us old enough to remember that first "Famous Monsters" cover story and the first printing of the Alan Dean F...er...your novelization with the Ralph McQuarrie cover and the Super-8 digest that's mostly Ben Kenobi talking and the audiobook vinyl record narrated by James Earl Jones and the stupid Marvel Comics spinoff with the talking humanoid green bunny and who were inspired to run off to film school to follow in your footsteps--but we wanted this two years ago! But okay, okay, no hard feelings--I'll be picking my copies up on Sept. 12 and it'll be thrilling n' all to see Han Solo shoot first again and to hear the Sy Snootles number in its original form--but when will I be able to purchase the version I can plug directly into my head so I can stop buying these bloody things over and over and over...?