26 May 2006

They Only Do It Because They Love You

I admit it, I miss my video iPod. I bought the 20G model early this year, paraded it around the workplace, watched "Wondershozen" and Bryan Singer "Superman" diaries at my workstation, took it to Costa Rica where I chuckled to Ricky Gervais podcasts poolside while searing my pasty Canadian flesh. Couldn't watch my MP4 converted "Kill Bill Vol. 2" or "Sin City" vids beginning to end, though--the damned battery burned out after about 20 consecutive minutes of video play. Oh yeah, and I had to return my first model after only a week, when the hard drive crashed and I lost everything. Other than that, I felt it to be money well spent, until I got a tip of the (alleged) new, improved widescreen version on the horizon, got spooked, and took the little miracle back to the big yellow-n-blue box store a few hours shy of the 30 day return cut-off.

So it's now months later, and there's still no official word on this new model. Lots of rumours. Lots of excuses. Worst of all, I'm having to make due with my el-lame-o 256Mb RCA Lyra player, because I'm sure any day now, the brainiacs at Apple will unveil the inevitable upgrade. How am I convinced? Because Steve Jobs himself has told NBC: "If you always want the latest and greatest, then you have to buy a new iPod at least once a year." Great, Steve--'cept I've got the money, burning a hole in my pocket, and we're ending month number five of 2006. So just when are you gonna release the damn thing? Read Jobs' startling confession here.