29 May 2006

Alex Toth: 1928-2006

Comics legend Alex Toth (pronounced "Toath") passed away this weekend at the age of 77. The indefatigable, journeyman cartoonist died--appropriately enough--at his drawing table. While he never achieved household name status ala Neal Adams, Frank Miller, or Todd McFarlane, his work was probably enjoyed by more people than those artists combined: after a respectable career in syndicated strips and comics, Toth designed for Hanna Barbera throughout the 60s and 70s on such classic Saturday morning staples as "Johnny Quest", "Super Friends", and "Space Ghost". His work on the latter was resurrected for Cartoon Network's "Space Ghost: Coast To Coast", and his short-lived s.f. series "Sealab 2020" provided the basis for the hilarious "Sealab: 2021". He was also an outspoken critic of his field, and was vocal in his dislike of hand-painted comics and (what he felt was) the medium's overall deterioration into "pointless nihilism" and "mature content".

Check out Toth's gallery from his official site, and read The Comics Reporter's eulogy to a great one here.