31 May 2007

Steve & Margaret & Clive & Chuck

It's less than a week until Stephen King's first official Toronto appearance, and the event is getting better and better: next Friday's "Lifetime Achievement Award" gala at The Metro Convention Centre (on behalf of The Canadian Booksellers Association) will feature a handful of guests who are each worthy of a solo tribute of their own.

CanLit icon Margaret Atwood (who despite her hi-toned pedigree, knows a thing or two about writing fantasy and suspense herself), and British horror scribe (and filmmaker and artist) Clive Barker will pay their respective kudos to King, and the evening will be MC'd by one of my favorite pop culture critics, Chuck Klosterman (whose "Fargo Rock City" and "Sex Drugs And Cocoa Puffs" you should all go out and purchase right now, whose witty treatise on the visionary lyrics of Rush's "Spirit Of Radio" is the highlight of this month's Esquire).

Tickets are still on sale here. And here's more information on the Booked "Between The Covers" readers festival, which runs June 7-9 in conjunction with Luminato.