24 May 2007

Pretty Sure It Isn't Paulo & Nikki's Biodex..

Ignore the naysayers, the "plausibles", the knee-jerks, and the basic jerks--"Lost" still rocks, as evidenced by last night's amazing season ender, where past, present, and (a possible) future collided, a major character bought the farm (although we were warned!), and our loyalties shifted with Ben and The Others for about the 499th time. And the reward for our loyalty? We've gotta wait almost another full year for the next season--but at least Abrams, Lindeloff, Cuse, and co. have been assured a proper ending by the network. Until then, here's a frame grab of the newspaper clipping that sent Future Jack on his suicidal bender--something to tide us over until "Lost" returns and Walt grows another six inches...

And check out this Salon article someone who "gets" it:

"I am equally unsympathetic to the complaint that the show's plot -- proudly loopy since the first episode -- has become too byzantine. This is like complaining that "Bleak House" is too long, or "Scarface" too violent. The creators of "Lost" are consciously, and comically, taking the conspiracy genre to an absurd extreme."

Check out the whole article here.