03 May 2007

The Rolling Kindergarten Revue

To some, he's the voice of a generation. To others, he's the guy who can't sing in the "We Are The World" video. And apparently, the new Pope's not too fond of him either.

To a new generation of young anklebiters, he's "the weird man who keeps coming to class to sing scary songs on his guitar".

The New York Post reports that Bob Dylan has been hanging out at his grandson's school in the LA 'burbs--"just for fun"--but the kiddies are underwhelmed by the presence of this musical legend. "Scary songs"? Just what the hell is he playing for them? All eleven interminable minutes of "Joey", his ode to Joseph Gallo of the Colombo crime family?
"He did ten years in Attica/Reading Nietzsche and Wilhelm Reich/They threw him in the hole one time for tryin' to stop a strike...." Okay kids, you join in!
Read all about it here, courtesy of Fark.