12 May 2007

Amazon Don't Know Diddly...

Thought I'd share the latest crap "recommendation" from the insidious intelli-bot at Amazon.com, which allegedly analyzes my searches and purchases and tries to match me up with merchandise that will compliment what it perceives as my "tastes".

Because it caught me looking at Frank Miller's "Sin City" hardcover collection (although I've already got the paperback compilations and good many of the original single issues), Amazo-Droid figure I'd be interested in something called "Hanami: International Love Story" and sent me an email chock full of exclamation marks.

Here's a bit from the plot synopsis:

Seventeen-year-old Joonho Suk just had the best day of his life. He finally got the guts to ask out his big crush, Sae-un, and she said yes!! But after floating home on cloud nine, he found... his family packing up to move to Seoul?! Now tossed into a big new city, lovesick for the girl still in Suwon, Joonho runs into weird characters at every turn. First there's the young girl who speaks a strange language and has enormous strength, then a wayward cat causes another - Hanami - to wipe out on her bike!

Yeah, good thinkin', Amazon--a perfect suggestion. Wonder what it would recommend if I were to order the latest "Archie And Jughead" compilation--"Pier Paolo Pasolini's "Salo"? (and wouldn't Josh Hartnett and Carla Gugino be perfect as Joonho Suk and Sae-un in the Robert Rodriguez "Hanami" big-screen adaptation...?)