30 May 2007

Aronofsky Promises A "Fountain" Of Extras--If You Want 'Em...

I can't say enough about "The Fountain", which is a demanding film for some but a work of passion, artistry, and imagination the likes of which are rarely seen. The DVD just came out, and while the extras are intriguing, I thought it was odd that director Darren Aronofsky failed to record a commentary track as he did for his debut "Pi" and followup "Requiem For A Dream" (Aronofsky is that rare filmmaker whose commentaries are actually thoughtful and informative).

Well, turns he wanted to do one, but had problems convincing the studio. Cinematical reported today that on his MySpace page, Aronofsky has announced he'll be recording a track and making it available for freebie download soon.

He also urges fans to write the folks at Criterion to persuade them into investing in a proper special edition DVD: "i (sic) got a lot of extras in my bag so who know maybe if you all write to criterion they'll get interested."
You can write them at mulvaney@criterion.com.