28 May 2007

Roth Plans "Trailer Trash"

Those with the good taste to have attended "Grindhouse" during its too-brief theatrical run (all 14 of us) will revel in the news that while Eli Roth (seen here with the notorious Takashi Miike may have a wee bit of a problem realizing his dream of doing "Grindhouse 2" with "Shawn Of The Dead" director Edgar Wright--now that Harvey Weinsten has all but washed his hands of whatever potential franchise he had--he's planning his own goofy omnibus which will feature nothing but faux sneak peaks: "Trailer Trash".

Roth told Time Out London: "There was a great response to my "Grindhouse" trailer 'Thanksgiving' and it's the most fun I've ever had shooting. I've spoken to other directors like Robert Rodriguez and Edgar Wright and they're all going to get involved and do trailers. I want to do a film like a Monty Python movie or 'Borat' or 'Jackass' – just totally silly completely ridiculous and fun and over-the-top."

Good news that Wright is interested, as his faux preview "Don't" was arguably the film's highlight. His current reteaming with Simon Pegg, "Hot Fuzz", is also brilliantly inventive.

Roth's going to helm his adaptation of Stephen King's "Cell" first, though, unless he squeezes in the "Trailer Trash" shoot during production down-time, as he did with his contribution to "Grindhouse" while shooting "Hostel 2" (due this month) in Prague (which stood in for Massachussetts, complete with homicidal pilgrim!).

(thanks to Cinematical for the original post)