21 April 2006

"I Would Do Anything For Dario--But I Won't Do THAT..."

Season Two of Anchor Bay's "Masters Of Horror" anthology is now in production, with confirmation that returning John Landis has just wrapped the debut episode, "Family" (starring George Wendt), in Vancouver. Seven filmmakers from the first season are coming back: John Carpenter (with another Swan/McSweeny script "Pro Life"), Joe Dante (Sam Hamm's writing it), Stuart Gordon (Poe's "The Black Cat", previously adapted by Argento in "Two Evil Eyes"), and Tobe Hooper (who really took a beating for last season's Richard Matheson adaptation, which I thought was at least flawed-but-interesting). And you can all breathe a sigh of relief over confirmation that series creator Mick Garris will direct another episode (oh well...). Dario Argento's entry will air second: it's entitled "Pelts", and headlines Marvin Lee Aday, aka "Meat Loaf".

DOP-turned-director Ernest R. Dickerson will helm his first installment for the series--dunno if Snoop Dogg's "Bones" qualifies him as a master of the genre, necessarily, but I thought his "Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight" was pretty good. Brad (Session 9) Anderson and Tom (Fright Night) Holland have been added to the roster--leaving three spots yet to be filled. Hopefully, the Showtime folks will have the guts to air all 13 installments this time around.

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