11 April 2006

Happy 7th Birthday Minnie!

I don't like to get too personal in these pages--especially after seeing "Misery"--but I can't help to take a bit of space to wish a happy 7th birthday today to "Minnie" (full name, "Miniature", on account of her tiny size when we got her at eight weeks), our beautiful diluted-tortie-tabby who has endured a very tough year in having to cope with the loss of her big sister Molly, a road trip to the Ottawa Valley she didn't care for, and the arrival of Maggie, who as I write this is making her life a non-stop ordeal of four-pawed pugilistics. The cozy grey-and-cream furball will enjoy a day of sunbeams, pampering, and the threat of assault from her pint-sized sister. Catch Minnie in one of her more playful and serene moments in the video at the bottom of this page, or here.