01 February 2008

Once Again, He Who Yells Loudest...

Once again, it's the so-called "moral custodians" who appoint themselves (that, or God does it) to save us from ourselves who are the ones with the most to hide. From the good folks at Mobius Home Video Forum comes this depressing nugget:

Operator of "Clean Flix" Store Arrested for Statutory Rape:

The operator of the Utah-based Flix Club, which, as part of the Clean Flix chain, drew fire from major studios for removing scenes depicting sex and violence from home videos, has been arrested in Orem, Utah on charges of having sex with underaged girls. According to Orem police, Daniel Thompson also told the girls that his business was actually a cover for a pornography studio and asked them to participate in making a porn movie. The police report also said that they uncovered a "large quantity" of pornography at Thompson's business. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Thompson told the arresting officers that he was unaware that the girls were not of legal age and that the porn movies were for his "personal use." Thompson previously operated the Clean Flix franchise in Orem but shut it down last month after giving away 400 sanitized versions of Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. The studios, he said at the time, had told him that "if I don't shut down, they would break me."

And more here from the Salt Lake Tribune, and from The Hollywood Reporter.

Granted, there's not much fun to be had in any scenario in which kids are sexually exploited, but I have to laugh at the notion that someone thinks there needs to be a censored version of Pirates Of The Freakin' Carribean! What, did Kiera Knightly show too much ribcage? Time to shut these idiots down...