27 June 2007

Olyphant On "Deadwood": "Don't Hold Your Breath"

One of television's great losses was the cancellation of David Milch's "Deadwood", the gloriously profane and deeply humane Shakespearean western that managed to survive three seasons due to a loyal viewership that didn't grow fast enough for the HBO Pinkertons.

Milch promised two "Deadwood" films that would wrap up the plot threads and conclude the saga as he intended, but in his current interviews for his new series "John From Cincinnati" (currently airing Sundays on TMN), he's hardly mentioned the project. And Timothy Olyphant, who portrayed Etobicoke, Ontario-born sheriff Seth Bullock on the show, delivered this grim soliloquy to Coming Soon:

"I have no idea. There's been ongoing talk about those things for a long, long time. I, for better or for worse, have the perspective of 'don't hold your breath.' My feeling is that the fact that show existed at all for as long as it did was a miracle of sorts."

I'll resist the urge to indulge in a little Al-Swearengen patented profanity and instead, take Bullock's high road and gently weep into my spittoon. "Deadwood" reruns currently air on Canada's History Television and all three seasons are available on rather pricey DVD box sets from HBO.