21 June 2007

The Bastard Son Of A Thousand Mediocrities

In the strangest lawsuit since Jim Belushi sued the original Catwoman, the creator of Freddy Kreuger is facing the ultimate nightmare: Pauly Shore. Director Wes Craven is suing Pauly Shore over "water leakage", which apparently has run onto his property from Shore's abode and caused structural damage.

Craven claims a landslide occurred on his property last December after the washed-up, one-time "Encino Man" star installed a pool and a spa, landscaping onto his neighbouring property. His lawsuit alleges negligence and nuisance. All Shore's publicist has said is that his client disputes Craven's allegations.

The director of the "Scream" series, the original "Hills Have Eyes", and "Last House On The Left" has said that his self-penned thrillers have been borne from his own personal phobias and experiences. So expect his next shocker to address the perils of sharing a property line with an overcaffeinated, reptillian layabout with poor fashion sense who drains all humour from the world.