05 February 2007

Toronto To Host WHC 2007

Some exciting news on the horror front: Toronto will host the annual World Horror Convention for the first time this coming March. Now this is more literary-based event than the Rue Morgue fest held each August, so leave your Kane Hodder garage kits at home if you plan to attend. Rather, here's the perfect excuse to brush up on those Joe R. Lansdale, Ramsey Campbell, Brian Lumley, F. Paul Wilson, and Nancy Kilpatrick novels you should be reading at a time when the horror fiction section of most bookstores is smaller than that of the "For Dummies" series.

If that's not reason enough to attend, they've just announced that artist and writer extraordinaire Gahan Wilson will also be in attendance! Prelimary details are posted here, with more to come. Thrillmeister Thomas Harris is also to be awarded a special Lifetime Achievement honour, but there's no confirmation he'll attend as of yet.

(and on that subject, I do intend to catch the much-jeered "Hannibal Rising" this weekend. I admit, the book was unnecessary and throwaway and robbed the character of much of his mystique, but it was still superb storytelling as only Harris can spin, and I finished it in only three nights. Film review to come...)