10 November 2006

"Borat": What's Real, What's Not

Wondering what was real in "Borat", and what was staged? Like, how some people could be so clueless as to willfully spout racist, misogynistic, homophobic bilge with a camera crew in plain sight? As to how a nation as supposedly "wired" as the USA could contain so many people who've never heard of "The Ali G Show"? As to how Sasha Baron Cohen survived that rodeo without being carved up like Kazak roast beast? Salon's published a fun piece that take you through the key moments and gives you the behind-the-scenes skinny.

-Bobby Rowe, the pro-gay-hanging rodeo organizer? Real.
-The Alabama high society types? Duped, but with no ill will.
-The antique shop owner? Cohen really did destroy $500 in relics.
-The WAPT affiliate TV station? The woman who booked Borat's appearance has since been fired (!)
-The Jewish owners of the bed & breakfast? Suspicious--but cool with the joke.
-The stupid-ass frat boys? Incredibly, they're suing 20th Century Fox. Poor babies.
-Pamela Anderson? Hmmmm....
Don't be a player-hater, pussycat--check it out here. (and check out his MySpace page if you want to see what brother Bilo looks like!)