18 June 2008

John Carl Buechler Update: "Troll Redux" Gets A Lohan?

John Carl Buechler just won't give up on this whole "Troll" thing. First, he sues J.K. Rowling alleging that he stole her cash cow's character's name and concepts from his mid-80s shlockfest, and now, he's crusading to launch a big-budget remake (just $25 million, but that's a king's ransom compared to the buck-and-a-half Empire must've spent on the original).

Obviously, he feels that once the young wizard's saga has been wrapped up onscreen, the viewing public will be so starved for anything Harry Potter that they'll line because one of the characters in it has the same name.
But in case that isn't enough to generate lineups at the Bijou, Buechler has another ace up his sleeve: star power! And being a remake of a 1986 B-flick, it's appropriate that his top draw is strictly C-list.
It's none other than Ali Lohan, who has reportedly auditioned for the role of "Eunice St. Clair", who helps Harry Jr. fight the evil troll "Torok". Anne Lockhart, "Sheba" on the the original "Battlestar Galactica" series, played the role the first time around.
"The camera loves her", swoons, Beuchler, whose last effort as a director was the Sci-Fi Channel movie "The Eden Factor", starring genre vets Jeff Fahey and Dee Wallace Stone. "She's a really good actress...I am personally going to fight for her."
No word on who'll take on the Sonny Bono role, or if the troll's steady stream of mucus will be computer generated this time around...
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