25 March 2007

World Horror Convention Possesses GTA This Week

The World Horror Convention launches its first-ever Toronto incarnation this coming Thursday at downtown's Marriot Hotel, which is attached to the Eaton Centre. But for those of you (like me harumph!) who won't be able to attend the event, there's still a chance to meet and chat with some of the masters of grisly prose and rightful heirs to the legacy of Poe, Lovecraft, Jackson, and the like.

Alas, Guest Of Honour Thomas Harris won't be present, but today I've received news that heavy-hitters Ramsey Campbell, (Guest Of Honor) Gahan Wilson, and Joe R. Lansdale will partake in a group autograph session next Saturday, March 31st, at the World's Biggest Bookstore on Edward Street (Yonge/Dundas intersection). Bring your old National Lampoons, this month's "Video Watchdog" featuring "Ramsey's Ramblings", your DVDs of "Bubba Ho Tep" and "Incident On And Off A Mountain Road", but above all, bring some books. These fine fellows are responsible for some of the most subversive fiction being published today, at a time when the genre rarely warrants its own section in most bookstore chains.

I'll post more details in case additional authors are announced. In the meantime, check out the WHC's official page here.