02 June 2006

May I Suggest A Chipper (And Lock It With A Zipper...)

I woke up this morning to find all the problems of the world must have been solved: this week Italy-- the land that gave us Baron Zarth Arn, pornstar politicians, and many fine salty meats (make up your own joke here)-- is hosting The Annual World Robot Championships...that's right, they been having these all along and none of us knew anything about it.

Over a hundred robots from 28 countries are competing in rounds of robo-golf, with some unusual rules: droids play in pairs, points are scored by putting colored balls into identically-colored holes, points are lost if the balls go into the wrong hole. So rest easy, it's obvious we lowly humans won't be enslaved into caddydom until there have been a few upgrades.

Wonder if Asimo kicks the ball when no one's looking (assuming he won't fall over)?

The whole story's tee'd up here.