08 March 2006

How Do You Spend YOUR Spare Time?

Jim Capobianco is story artist for Pixar who has been working on his own "hand-drawn" short film in his spare time. He began the project--"Leonardo"--back in 1999 and hopes to complete it sometime this year. The fella's no slacker obviously, given Pixar's recent track record.

"Here's the thing I realized", writes Capobianco, "that what ever you can do on your project each day is valuable. May it be five minutes or five hours. 5 drawings or 5 feet of film. You are 5 minutes, 5 drawings closer to your goal. The important thing is that you do it. Even if you have to eventually throw out those drawings, you had to do them to get to the next five".

Well, if that doesn't humble a hombre. For years I've been avoiding finishing screenplays and getting that "official" online portfolio up and running, but easily finding plenty of time for "Mercenaries" on the PS2 and "Justice League Unlimited" bit torrents. Right now, I feel like the world's biggest fanboy/loser.

Check out his blog here.

Now, time to reread those old notes, and hope I can finally complete that "Ace Of Diamonds" mission...