20 October 2005

"First Order Of Business: Banish Kal-El Cage To Phantom Zone..."

I don't wanna sound like another smug Canadian, but I don't think I can stand another two-plus years of That Idiot in office in that otherwise fine nation to the south. With Walken 2008 a hoax, and neither Pat Paulsen nor Larry Harmon in the running, our best hope for a New World Order might be another Texan--albeit an alien with anger management issues, who took up residence in Planet Houston. From his campaign lit: "I served with the military council of Krypton, where I devised a number of plans to overthrow the government and single-handedly rule the planet. I hope this assures you of my unquestionable honor, integrity, and service to country."

Hey, I'm convinced! Cast your vote here.