01 July 2005

Happy 138th Canada!

...so who sez I'm a "poor patriot"? For the first time in recent memory, we're spending the Dominion Day long weekend in the GTA, where ordinarily, the pace would simmer down to just this side of "On The Beach" once the salarymen flee to Cottage Country. But then Sir Bob had an idea to host this little concert and, well, let's just all be happy that Roger Waters and David Gilmour are speaking again. I watched "Live Aid" waaay back in 1985 from a hospital bed in the Ottawa Civic Hospital, and am hardly nostalgic enough to put myself through that living hell again (wonder if my roommate ever finished that "Herman" treasury?) and having done SARSstock, have opted to leave the Barrie spectacle to the pierced and/or inebriated. Instead, we'll catch a matinee of "War Of The Worlds", bake in the sun at the CHIN picnic at Ontario Place, and stick it out for the evening fireworks. Anyone know the lyrics to "Waltzing Matilda" en francais...?