28 June 2005

Welcome to...Nada?

So, you've happened upon my little soapbox--likely by accident (no offense taken) and are wondering: just what the hell kind of name is "Nadaland"? First up, perish the thought that I'm some sophomore hipster with a crappy black dye-job who just discovered Hubert Selby Jr. and Russian import cigarettes--rather, those in-the-know will have immediately recognized that your present location has been named for the blue-collar Everyman John Nada, as portrayed by (Rowdy) Roddy Piper in John Carpenter's 1988 paranoid classic "They Live". I'm hardly "blue collar" and don't fancy myself an "everyman"--but I do really dig John Carpenter's flicks.

After years as resident know-it-all to the likes of the dear-departed Compuserve entertainment forums, eDrive's Tapehead, and the moribund Movieforum, I decided to launch my own site where I could periodically pontificate on the woefully misunderstood world of genre film and its poor cousins, while shamelessly self promoting my "other" life as a professional broadcast designer and storyboard artist in the feast-to-famine world of Toronto film/television production.

Portfolio to come in bits and pieces. Do visit often and when you speak of me, speak well.